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Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Having performed over 3,000 events it may seem impossible to say which venue was the most beautiful. It makes it even more difficult to pick just one, when you have played in Colorado for over 30 years. I have also performed in the French Alps, Alaska and many amazing venues throughout the USA. There is one place that always takes my breath away. It is not as popular as Vail or Aspen. It is not and upscale hotel like the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs or the Stanley in Estes Park. In fact, when you park your car, you don't even notice it. You walk through hallways and restaurant then go out the back doors and see a view of Garden of the Gods from above that is amazing. I took this photo below of a wedding we recently played on the back lawn of the Garden of the Gods Club Resort and Spa, and it barely does it justice. Deer are coming up the hill to feed on the grass, and hawks are circling above. It is truly spectacular.

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