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Songs We Will Not Play

I never thought I would have to write this blog but recent circumstances have propelled me to share some thoughts on objectionable music requests. Let me say that we try our best to present ourselves in a very positive and joyful demeanor to enhance not only the sound we make but the image we present. So here is the serious part. We will not play any music that contains: 1. Abusive language such as violence against any person or even animals 2. Profane or dirty language, Someone recently requested a song that contained a lot of "F" words. If this is what you want at your wedding, that is your business, but its not how we run our business. 3. Songs with racist or sexist language that disrespects anyone. 4. Songs that disrespects any religion, ethnicity, etc.

Cloud 9 Strings hires people from many backgrounds, nationalities, cultures, religions, etc., and we celebrate the amazing one human race. Thanks for understanding.

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