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Trumpet Tunes

I was honored to perform for the reveal of this giant mural a couple of years ago in Denver. That's me, the little guy down there by the sheet music "What a Wonderful World". Throughout my playing career I have been blessed to play for hundreds of special events, for presidents, foreign dignitaries, sporting events, etc. The sound of a trumpet has a long history for announcing important occasions from weddings to royal proclamations. I have played many events with one trumpet and often with many of my trumpet playing friends. I remember a recent wedding in Aspen where we had 8 trumpeters on top of the mountain. Talk about a big splash!

Here is a list of pieces that I would recommend for your special event.

Here I am playing at the rehearsal for a wedding in Aspen Colorado, July 2021. Amazing views the the wedding was spectacular.

Getting ready to play some jazz in Grenoble France. That was an awesome tour.

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